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There are a variety of ways that our agents make our travel agent training program work for them. Some work full-time, as their main source of income; while others work fewer hours and focus on enjoying the flexibility and fun travel opportunities their part-time incomes allow. Regardless of why our agents decide to enroll or how many hours they choose to devote to their businesses, there’s an equal amount of potential for success. Every day we hear from travel agents who, in the process of following their passion for travel, have expanded both their travel knowledge and personal incomes. We have heard about so many different travel agent experiences over the past decade…and our collection of success stories only keeps on growing!

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Special agents highlighted for their accomplishments.

Jerome and Inocencia Chisolm, FL
Signature Cruise and Travel

To GOD be the glory great things HE has done! Well, where do we begin… In November 2015, we received a call from a colleague inviting us to take a look at a new business opportunity with a company named Your Travelution, Inc. Needless to say, we were a bit apprehensive, because the language used was very familiar… this was yet, another “ground floor opportunity”. This was only about the 100th time, we heard those words! However, there was a different zeal and conviction in that persons’ voice, so we listened to what they had to say. Then we were placed on a three-way call, you know about those, with Faraday Hosseinipour and as folk will say… it was a wrap. We were in! However, as we all know, life happened, so we did not really start working our business until late December, and at our launch travel party in January 2016, we had the privilege and was blessed to have both of CEO Faraday Hosseinipour, and our COO Dave Manning there! Talk about being surprised, especially since we didn’t know they were coming! That day, our perspective of Travelution totally changed. We realized that we partnered with a company where the owners really cared about their people and promoted a family atmosphere.

Because of that and the support, training and guidance from the leadership, with absolutely NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in the travel industry, we booked $1+ million within our first 18 months! I repeat… this was achieved with NO EXPERIENCE!!! And “WORKING FROM HOME!” If you have joined the company or reading our story, contemplating joining and your excuse was/is… “I have NO EXPERIENCE or know anything about the travel industry”, We have just removed that excuse! We have proven that that excuse is not valid anymore! Our Focus, Determination, Commitment and Consistency, combined with our passion to help individuals and families create and experience “Lifelong Memories” one trip at a time! Have been the ingredients that have allowed us to achieve what we have, thus far! And YOU can do the same too… YOU just have to make a DECISION!!!

Together, with the support and blessings of Faraday and Dave, we have had the opportunity to attend leading travel industry vendors and supplier’s conferences, that have helped with our growth and have allowed us to develop personal relationships with our Business Development Managers (BDMs). We have also taken the knowledge gained to continually train, coach and mentor some amazing individuals within our Travelution family! We would love to welcome YOU to our family, and do the same for YOU!!! Remember… NO EXPERIENCE is NOT AN EXCUSE!

People often asked … how are you guys doing this? My response is always “We Open Our Mouths” and let everyone know that we own a full-service travel business. In a nutshell … If your mouth is closed, so is your business! If you don’t tell it or share it, no one will know that you are open for business! Mind you, I did not say that it is easy; but then again, nothing worthwhile in life comes easy! Thus far we have had the privilege to travel to some amazing locations and experience 5 star resorts in Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica just to mention a few, in addition to inaugural cruises and seminars on the seas!

We would be remised, if we did not take time to give a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to our leadership and mentors, CEO, Faraday Hosseinipour, and COO, Dave Manning, we are truly blessed to have two amazing individuals with hearts of gold! They are always ready and willing to help, and have invested in the necessary tools to help us WIN in this business! The great thing is that as we continue to grow, they are continually exploring ALL possibilities and leaving NO stone unturned in an effort to take the Travelution Family to the next level in our success walk! Our question is… will YOU be there?

#TwogetherWeThrive #TwogetherWeLearn #TwogetherWeGrow #TwogetherWeWIN Spelled this way on purpose for in this industry, it’s not about “me, myself and I” but it’s about YOU & I! Where two or three are gathered so will I be in the midst, says the Lord!

Maddie Akinyemi, FL

I ended my employment with the Banking industry back in 2013 when my husband asked me to travel with him for work. After three years of traveling with my husband and having to apply and re-apply for work due to my husband moving from State to State every 6 to 8 months… I decided to try the “WORK FROM HOME” Business.

Around the time I was trying to figure out what home business can I do… I found an old friend on Facebook and as we chatted about our lifestyle… she mentioned that she’s in the traveling business. I got excited because working as a home base travel agent was one of my first choices.

The day I signed up with Your Travelution Inc., I remained focused on all the training's that were required… passing all the lesson’s in less than 2 weeks. I was excited when I received my Certified Master Travel Agent Certification. After about a month or so of signing up my friend/sponsor, decided to leave the travel agent business. I immediately felt lost when she left the company. I had no clue of what I was doing, nor how to grow my travel business. I didn’t know anyone in the travel agency yet so I wasn’t sure who to call for assistance. I immediately started contemplating on giving up this whole “WORK FROM HOME” Business… Nevertheless, a few days later I decided to continue what I started because I refused to give up all that I had invested. I started training's every day with on-line webinars that Travelution and Vendors provided… I started feeling more confident to introducing my business to my family & friends. I also joined Carnival Apprenticeship Group Class… which was the best thing I did because I learned so much more interacting with other travel agents.

My first 6 months I booked over $30K in travel… 1 year later my bookings were over $80K in travel. I’ve booked several All-inclusive vacations and Cruise and my biggest one was a group of 44 people on a Carnival Cruise… (which I was invited to join the cruise) I had the opportunity to meet this large group that I was introduced by one of my husband's co-worker. I met lots of new amazing friends since I started this business. Consistently marketing on Social Media and passing out my business cards every chance I get has help my travel business grow tremendously.

Just months after signing up I’ve had the privilege of traveling to multiple Caribbean’s… something I’ve never could do before becoming a travel agent. In my 48 years I had only visited San Juan, PR. and within a year of signing up I had a chance to take several vacations…. 3 trips to Bahamas, once to Puerto Plata, DR, once to San Juan, PR, New York City, Orlando, FL 3 times & once to Miami, FL… Plus a ClubMed Fam training trip, which I learned so much more about travel and it was so much fun!! I was honored to meet and spend time with the CEO of the company, Faraday Hosseinipour and our COO Dave Manning, plus lots of the travel agent partners.

Our CEO Faraday Hosseinipour and COO Dave Manning have excelled at creating effective workplaces yielding tremendously positive results for our business success… You Guys Rock! Many Thanks for all your hard work… I am so thankful for all that you do!

My secret is simple… I believed in myself!

Grateful! Thankful! Blessed!

Maddie Akinyemi
Master Travel Agent

Ray Steen, FL

My journey into becoming an independent business owner, or entrepreneur began just shy of the housing market and economic crash of 2008. As a person who had spent nearly 32 years in the same industry, the thought of "starting over" was frightening to imagine, much less accomplish. Internet marketing entered my vision and rapidly became my focal point and hopefully the answer I sought. After many unsuccessful attempts with intangible or worthless products, my attention was drawn to TRAVEL!

Fast forward now to December of 2015, and a chance meeting with the owner of a new company called TRAVELUTION, ( which at first glance didn't seem to go well ). After numerous attempts with MLM businesses that used TRAVEL as their hook, my hopes were not very high, yet my desire to succeed and my passion for travel was still strong and alive! In Jan of 2016, I joined Travelution with great enthusiasm and desire, yet working full time at specialized construction occupied most of my time. I continued to work on building my business in the evenings, and on weekends robbing myself of sleep and nutrients and giving it as much time and effort as I could muster. Not exactly the lifestyle I envisioned, but my spirit was undaunted!

From the beginning with Travelution, something felt different, exciting and stable. Maybe this was the ONE! As the company grew, changed and prospered, it became clear that I had a place here, a purpose and I became a part, first, then an integral part of an amazing, yet perhaps eclectic group of individuals who all shared this dream...of becoming successful travel agents and Independent Business Owners in this huge amazing and ever changing industry. "An Agent Who Travels", with the love and support of an AMAZING woman who has entered my life and made everything " MORE BETTER ", I am moving forward at an incredible pace with confidence, diligence, and hopefully grace after retiring from specialized construction in March of 2017 and working SandeeBeaches Travel and The GallopinGrandpa as a full time "Agent Who Travels".

To summarize, I would first like to offer some advice to agents and future agents as well...PLUG IN...make as many company events as you possibly can and talk to EVERYONE about YOUR business!! Read, study, keep up with the latest trends and news and APPLY it! If this Quirky Aquarius can do it, you can also! Best wishes to you all as you grow and prosper!! Special accolades to my friends, mentors and business partners, the owners and CEO, Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour, who I have traveled to numerous fantastic destinations with, broken bread with, and consulted with all along the way....And to the leadership group that continually "Bring It", and you know who you are! The future is BRIGHT!

As Dave Manning is very fond of saying " You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Bro"

Ray Steen
Master Travel Agent

Honor Parrish, FL

From a very early age, I had an undeniable PASSION to travel worldwide, meet diverse ethnic cultures, capture the essence of the EXPERIENCE on camera, and journal about it. After serving in the United States Navy, I had the opportunity to visit different countries (Italy, Spain, and Germany) and fell in love; the cultures, unique experiences, international memories, bonds created, and the yearning for more! From the core essence, my heart was hard-wired to traveling around the world until I take my last breath.

2015 was a bittersweet year commencing with the transitioning of my mother, knowing she would never travel, and a BURNING DESIRE was birthed to INSPIRE people to travel worldwide. I realized it was the season to finally convert my passion(s) into REALity!

ONE phone call changed my LIFE and I am so GRATEFUL. The exclusive invitation from Chris Allen was an answered prayer. The Travelution GRAND and LIFE-CHANGING opportunity were presented to me in December 2015 and I have not looked back ever since; PERFECT timing!

Within the first 90 days, I experienced a lot of EXCITING activity as I embarked upon my DREAM CAREER. The three defining moments that truly resonated with me was the FAM trip to Club Med in Sandpiper Bay (unprecedented experience at the 1st All-Inclusive Resort in the USA), first to win the Dominican Republic trip by participating in an online webinar (1st visit, but not the last), booking my first client’s trip; absolutely EXHILARATING!

Without any previous experience, PASSION to SERVE, being an avid researcher, and serving as the point of contact with my family/friends; I was ready to take it to the next level professionally. Immediately commenced with the Master Training Agent Certification, which equipped me with the tools to trailblaze and be successful in the travel sector. So HUMBLE after receiving the distinguished Certified Destination Wedding, Honeymoon & Romance Travel Specialist. My favorite part is always learning something new. Proud partnerships with CLIA, IATA, Ensemble, DWHSA and 38 certificates thus far; I truly know that I’m empowered and apart of the RIGHT team.

To highlight some of the ways that I have served my clients; (1) offered a premium vacation with additional perks that made their once-in-a-lifetime experience AMAZING, (2) negotiated a refund for a non-refundable airline ticket, (3) damaged baggage resulted in a $400 Amazon gift card and 10,000 bonus sky miles, (4) married couple was upgraded to a suite with romantic VIP treatment at no additional charge, (5) 24-hour concierge service, etc.

It is truly OUTSTANDING to be apart of the Travelution Family Unit, create AMAZING memories together, AWESOME bonds between all the agents, no competition.

I truly believe that CEO Faraday Hosseinipour and COO Dave Manning are BLESSINGS; to share WHY I am SUPER GRATEFUL for Faraday and Dave; hearts of GOLD, genuine concern for the entire #TravelutionFamUnit, always creating a fun/engaging family-oriented environment, proven track records, continuously forging ahead with innovative agent incentives, providing outstanding tools, achieving extraordinarily high records in travel sales, establishing stellar relationships with a plethora of travel partners, and desire for all of us to WIN!!! Both literally live by ‘The TEAMwork makes the DREAM work!

For any new prospective family members, reading this serves as your confirmation! If you are new and already apart of the #TravelutionFamUnit; this is your season.

Honor Parrish
Master Travel Agent

Claudette Fort, FL


One thing I have learned in the past couple of years is that you can truly see the world for pennies on a dollar.

I am well in my 60’s and always wanted to travel but never had the money so all my dreams of seeing the blue water and experiencing the different cultures came true when I became a Travel Agent of Travelution.

In one year I have traveled over 7 different countries and stayed in the best hotels and resort not to mention the beaches! Places that I only dream about or saw in a magazine. Every place we went was truly amazing and the best part most of it was paid by the vendors. Dave and Faraday work so hard to give us all the exposure and one on one experience so when we talk to our clients. Best of all , we really know what we are talking about because we’ve been there.

What I love the most about Travelution, we’re family!

If I don’t go to another place in my life I can now say that I have gone from Hawaii and I have a passport.

Thank Dave and Faraday for because of Your Travelution I will have memories for a life time.

Claudette Fort
Master Travel Agent

Bobby and Vicki Lewallen, FL

Being a part of the Travelution Family has opened up so many doors for opportunities to travel to some absolutely amazing places. We are truly blessed to have also formed some wonderful friendships on the incredible FAM trips. We love to travel, and it's great to tell clients about our experiences, and assist them in finding the perfect trip..

Bobby and Vicki Lewallen
Master Travel Agent

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